At St Saviour’s we love to welcome all ages, especially children and families. Due to coronavirus many of our normal midweek activities for children and young people stopped. But we are looking forward to re-starting children’s groups during our main services from September 2021, except on the first Sunday of the month where kids and their adults meet at 3pm in church for our monthly ‘Sunday Club’.


At St Saviour’s we love to welcome all ages especially children and families.

Our 10.30am service is great for children and families. We have a creche area at the back of church and in the early part of the service we have a short all age message and a children’s song.

After this the service leader will explain that it’s time for the children to go to their group (for ages 0-11s) in the Community Centre. We ask that adults take their children to the group, they can then stay for a minute (or the whole session if you have a baby or younger children) while their children settle in or just head straight back to church.

At the end of the service the children come back into church and normally show everyone what they’ve been doing in their group.

On the first Sunday of each month there are no children’s groups in the 10.30 service. Kids and their grown-ups meet at 3pm in church for fun, games, craft and Bible Stories for our monthly Sunday Club.

If you are interested in getting your child baptised (christened) please click here.

Midweek we hold ABC (adults, babies and children) – our toddler group.